Who am I ?

Nikolaj Petersen.
Born: September 1971, Frederiksund, Denmark.

Educated machinist / mechanic fitter at Hundested Propeller A/S 1992.
First year graduate KME (Copenhagen School of Naval Engineering) 1992/93.
Caster, and later mechanic fitter Danish Steel Works Ltd. now Dansteel A/S

From 1997 - 2012 at Skaarup & Salskov Aps.
Here working with various jobs both in harbour at home, but also serving customers in Greenland, and from time to time subcontracting service jobs for Hundested Propeller A/S. Jobs taking me around the world, and to many types of ships, solving all types of mechanical problems regarding propellers, thrusters, reduction gear, hydraulic, and engines, and both as hand on service engineer, and as supervisor controlling and guaranteeing the quality of a repair or maintenance job.

May 2012 I moved to México, founded Ship-Mech to do freelance work, as service engineer.

For further information contact: nbp@ship-mech.com

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