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Hands on service engineer:

20 years and some, working experience in the maritime industry, on everything from small fishing vessels to modern supply ships.
Working on reduction gear, propellers, thrusters, hydraulics, and engines, both for maintenance and repair after breakdown.

Supervisor for repair or maintenance:

Supervisor on repair and maintenance jobs, working closely together with with local workforce to insure quality.
Overseeing and keeping schedule when docking


Trouble shooting to solve problems as they happen.
Surveyor and second opinions in matters of brake downs and repair.
Advise and second opinion in matters new installations.


Volvo, Scania/Valmet, Caterpillar, Cummings, Mitsubishi, Alpha, Wichmann
Reduction gear:
Hundeted, Pay & Brink, Volda, Mekanord, Twin Disc, Finnoy

For further information contact: nbp@ship-mech.com

Representative for Hundested Propeller